While Agape Christian Academy formally opened in 2008, its history dates back four years.  It began as a small group of homeschoolers educating our own children.  We desired to give our children a Protestant Christian education and were not satisfied with the options available in our community.  Since we had backgrounds in education, the decision was made to undertake the task on our own.  Over time, many parents reached out to us, asking to have their children educated as well.  By the beginning of 2008, our small group had reached over 50 students.  Clearly, the need for Christian education was greater than could be met in a homeschool environment.


Agape was founded with and carries out a very specific purpose.  Its purpose is to integrate the Word of God into students’ whole education.  We seek to instruct children, not only in reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also in whom God is and why His will is important in our lives.  Being able to teach from a Christian worldview allows the student to mature morally as well as educationally during his or her formative years.


As the school has grown, it has shifted to reflect the diversity of our community.  Agape’s students come from a variety of religious and socio-economic backgrounds, with many requiring financial assistance to attend.  They reflect a wide range of academic abilities, from students with special needs to the intellectually gifted.  Yet, with all their differences, they come together to share a commitment to learning in a positive, healthy environment and encouraging one another in the learning process.

Throughout the spring, we spent considerable time in prayer seeking God’s guidance in meeting this need in our community.  That was the true beginning of the school.  Following God’s lead, we began searching for a location for the school.  Unable to find an existing structure suitable for our purposes, land was purchased and we broke ground on our building in early summer.  The next few months were a whirlwind of activity as the school was readied to officially welcome the first students in the fall of 2008.

As with any organization, rapid growth brought challenges in our early years.  The administration learned to adjust teaching methods to meet the demands of a formal school while maintaining the characteristics that enabled students to thrive in the homeschool setting.  We listened to the feedback from our students’ parents and learned when to adapt and when to hold firm.  Most of all, we learned more about who we are as an organization and formalized our policies to reflect that more clearly.  Now, in our fifth year of operation, we are growing steadily and making a difference in the lives of our students and their families.