About the Plus

At Agape, an excellent academic foundation is just the beginning.  The real value is in the "plus!"

+ Plus Parental Involvement - Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children's academic experience.  

+ Plus Spiritual Development - Students are surrounded by the teachings of Christ and a Christian worldview.  Every aspect of their education is taught in keeping with Biblical principles.

+ Plus Relationships - An excellent student-teacher ratio and small student body allow students to develop meaningful relationships with faculty and staff that encourages learning and provides extra support in living a Christian life.

+ Plus Wholesome Fun - Students are provided with opportunities to simply have fun in a safe environment.  These include
            + Prom - Agape takes a creative and unique approach to prom that supervises and entertains students throughout the entire night.
            + Valentine's Banquet
            + Fun Field Trips

+ Plus Service Projects - Students take active roles in meeting the needs of others in Christian love.
            + Hugs for Haiti
            + Assisting in relief for West, Texas
            + Partnership with a mission school in India
            + Support of missions to Malawi

+ Plus Extracurricular Activities
            + Athletics
            + Destination Imagination
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